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Straight forward advice

Straight forward advice for health and weight loss with no gimmicks or fluff. Super informative!

Life Saver Literally

This is the best podcast! So many moments that help wake me up💕💕💕💕found it by following Beth on instagram! Thank thank thank thank you!

SO good!

Love Beth and Matt! They are honest, realistic and hilarious! Love the guests they bring to the podcasts.

Solid advice

Their heart is in the right place! Great advice.

My Fave!

I love this podcast. Such great information pertaining to whole body/mind health. Beth might just be my idol!

Great podcast!

I love this podcast. It’s great information and full of helpful and easy to apply tools. It really simplifies things fitness and nutrition to set you up for success!


Love this podcast! I listen while walking. Funny, informative, and relatable. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are mine!

Dose of Reality!

These guys are great. I have been binge listening to them and starting to appreciate everything I have been through on my journey and learning I know what I need to do.. but it’s ok to start small and ask for help! I think you should end every show with the “underrated/overrated” segment! Love this.

LOVE them!

Awesome blend of humor, education, and entertainment! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Keeps me Motivated

Love Matt and Beth. They are so down to earth and keep it real. I always look forward to the next Podcast. I follow them on all social media and participate in Group coaching too.

Informative and Real!

I love this podcast! Beth and Matt are raw, real, and say it like it is! I am so thankful they are here to kick diet culture in the butt and give practical advice on how to be strong and healthy. They are also so fun to listen to!😃

These 2 ROCK!

Found Beth and Matt about a month ago and I am hooked. This podcast has great content and energy. I love their transparency and cutting through the crap (no to be TOO on the nose). They also have a greta variety of guests and content on the show.

My new fav fitness duo

I love this show and it just keeps getting better. I love the special guest, relevant topics and personal touches! They do drop a lot of eff bombs, I don’t listen to this podcast with kids in the car, but hey! You do you!


When I get overwhelmed by mixed messages I get from this industry, I know I can check back with these guys to get straight. It’s a whirlwind out there - this is like home base for staying the course and seeing results! Thank you guys.

Love this real information!!

Thanks for being a highlight in my life!!

10/10 would recommend

A great combination of informational and inspirational. These two are hilarious while still getting their points across.

You’ve motivated me!

Love that I found your podcast! You both helped me on tt—I’m down 87.5lbs!

Love this podcast!

I love Beth and Matt. They are honest and straight forward. It’s a great listen!!

Quite the duo

I follow both of you on Instagram. Down to earth hilarious and real. I have really enjoyed the pod cast!

Love love love

One of my new favorites!!!


I found you on Tik Tok - IM SOOOO HAPPY you have a podcast!!


This is the podcast I have needed in my life!! Thank you Matt and Beth! I can’t wait to listen to more for your great advice and knowledge!!