March 24, 2023

80 - F*ck Your MLM! With Danielle Bolster

80 - F*ck Your MLM! With Danielle Bolster
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Hey huns! This episode might upset some people. Why? Well, we’re talking about MLM’s (multi level marketing) with Danielle Bolster from the Huns to Humans podcast! We discuss the unethical business practices of MLM companies, how they take advantage of their customers and independent distributors, and more.

Danielle is on a mission to show the realities of how MLM products and marketing works, and in return, is keeping you broke and spinning your wheels in frustration. Because a vast number of those products are spread throughout and marketed toward the fitness industry, she provides great insight that breaks down the reality of what takes place behind the scenes and the issues that it can cause for those who find themselves caught in their web.

With a background that includes being a trauma therapist as well as having experienced the many negative sides effects of MLM’s, she’s the ideal person to discuss fact from fiction in regards to the products we’re presented with daily.

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