March 3, 2023

77 - What The F*ck Is Up With Nutrition Labels? With Brandy

77 - What The F*ck Is Up With Nutrition Labels? With Brandy
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Have you ever looked a nutrition label and thought, "this makes no f*cking sense."?! You aren't alone. This week we are joined by Coach Brandy and we discuss all things nutrition labels and attempt to demystify them a bit so you can better understand them!

Brandy is not only an OG in the coaching world, she’s also been a physique competitor and has seen the ups, downs, and everything in between in regards to the fitness industry from the competitor, coaching, social media, and even behind the scenes of the supplement world. She has such a vast array of information, experiences, and connections that our show with her moved from topic to topic with the kind of information that will be eye opening for many and may require a re-listen for countless others.

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