Feb. 10, 2023

74 - Chasing Health With Chase Smith

74 - Chasing Health With Chase Smith
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You hear us say often that no two health journey’s are alike. We all have different pasts, experiences, knowledge, and in some cases, trauma that impact not just our journey to health, but the time-line for achieving whatever success means to us. Chase Smith is a perfect example of this and he was gracious enough to join us this week to discuss how his path has brought him to where he is today and how he uses his past experiences and knowledge to help provide others with what they need to become the best version of themselves!

We discussed many topics but one that became a focal point was binge and overeating; something MANY can relate to. He provided insight into his own experiences with each, how and what he’s learned and the tools he uses to navigate the cravings when they arise. He also discusses how and why it’s important to go into ones own journey with their eyes on the long game, how goal setting can have a positive impact, and why support is so important.

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