Feb. 3, 2023

73 - Everything Fat Loss With Ben Carpenter

73 - Everything Fat Loss With Ben Carpenter
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Fat loss is confusing. What should you eat? How much? When should you eat? Well, it's all a bunch of BS. Fat loss is very polarizing, with every influencer and coach out there offering you the solution. So how do you distinguish between myth and reality? Science! Ben Carpenter is one of the best when it comes to applying science with real with world application, to finally demystify the science of fat loss. We talk about myths surrounding fat loss, what actually works, and why! We also discuss Ben's own health issues and how that has impacted his lifestyle and approach to nutrition and fitness.

Ben's new book, "Everything Fat Loss", is 3 years in the making and is out NOW! His book has everything you need to know about fat loss. It isn't like other "diet books" (it isn't a diet book, it's a resource!). It is factual, evidence based, and unbiased. Grab your copy today!

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